Almond rolls Recipe

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Type: Almond rolls Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

Just do it!

Ingredients / Directions

* 1 kg almond kernel
thickly grated
* 4-5 spoons sugar
* 5 spoons hard tack (finely grated rusk)
* 1 nutmeg
* 1 kg sugar
* 3 glasses water
* lemon peel of one lemon
* Juice of one lemon
* A pinch of vanilla powder
* 2 glasses water
* 2 cup(s)s oil
* Flour
as much as it takes to make an elastic dough
* A pinch of salt Prepare the dough by mixing all the appropriate ingredients. Mould until an elastic dough is prepared. then roll out the dough and make a thin filo sheet. Mix all the ingredients for the filling. then dredge the filling over the filo sheet and roll the filo sheet to make a cylinder
which will have the filling on its center. Cut the cylinder in even pieces and pour over each piece a spoon of heated oil. Bake in moderate temperature until golden. In the meantime prepare a cold syrup by mixing all its ingredients. When the sweet is baked remove from the oven and pour the syrup over it
cold as it is.

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