cranberry winter pudding

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Cooking receipe to make cranberry winter pudding under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

cranberry winter pudding

500g cranberries

2 pears peeled cored and chopped

200g light soft brown sugar

75g dried cranberries (or raisins) grated zest of one orange

400ml cranberry juice

1 cinnamon stick

1012 thick slices of good white bread

Place everything apart from the bread in a saucepan and bring slowly to the boil until the sugar dissolves.

Then cover and boil for 58 minutes until the cranberries soften.

Strain over a sieve reserving the liquid.

Cut the crusts off the bread and one by one dip each slice quickly into the cranberry liquid then use about six to line the base and sides of a 1 litre pudding basin.

Patch up any holes with extra bread.

Remove the cinnamon stick from the cranberry mixture then use to fill the centre of the bowl packing down well.

Trim the remaining slices of bread to fit the top dip these quickly in the liquid then place on top.

Again patch up any gaps with soaked bread pieces.

Cover with clingfilm and place on a plate.

Place a saucer or plate on top and weigh down (a couple of tins works well).

Refrigerate overnight.

To serve carefully turn out the pudding onto a serving dish.

Serve in wedges with thick cream.

Serves 8

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