chocolate souffle

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Cooking receipe to make chocolate souffle under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

chocolate souffle

In this recipe individual cilocolate souffles are completely prepared in advance; even the egg whites are folded in hours ahead. They will be beautifully puffed up by 10 minutes in a hot oven as the previous course is ending.

butter and caster sugar for preparint the ramekins

175g good dark chocolate

225ml double crea

5 egg yolks .

3 tbspns rum or strong coffee

7 egg whites

pinch cream of tartar

4 tbs caster sugar

300 ml whipping cream lightly whipped

Up to 4 hours in advance generously butter and sugar six 300ml souffle ramekins using a heavy bottomed saucepan stir the chocolate and double cram together over low heat until well blended. Remove from the heat and immediatley whisk in the egg yolks and then the rum or coffee. Whisk the egg whites with the cream of tartar in a clean bowl preferably copper until stiff. Sprinkle the sugar over thee top and continue to whisk until the mixture is glossy and very stiff. Gently heat the chocolate mixtured stirring until hand hot. Fold in a large spoonful of the whites to lighten the chocolate mixture before pouring it over the whites and carefully folding all together. Fill the prepared dishes to within l2 mm of the rim. Cover with cling film and refrigerate or leave in a cool place. Before serving preheat the oven to 215C (425F gas 7). Remove the Clingfilm from the souffles. Run the point of a knife around the edge of the souffles to make them rise in a tophat shape. Place On a baking sheet and bake for 9 to l0 minutes. Serve immediatley with the lightly whipped cream passed separately. Note: The souffle can also be baked in a 1.7 litre souffle dish. Allow 25 minutes baking time.

Serves 6

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