Pork Mediterranean Recipe

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Ingredients 2 cups sushi rice, prepared 2 sheets nori 1/4 cup cooked turkey 1/4 avocado, cut into strips 1/2 carrot, cut into strips 1/4 cucumber, cut into strips 2 teaspoons wasabi Directions 1Place the nori on a bamboo mat, shiny side down. 2Spread 1 Cup of rice on the nori. 3Spread 1 tsp

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Type: Pork Mediterranean Free Cooking Recipe – Meats

This is a good one!

Ingredients / Directions
1 lb. boneless pork
cut into3/4 inch cubes
1 tbsp cooking oil
1 lg. onion
sliced and separated into rings
2 cloves garlic
1 (16 oz.) can tomatoes
cut up
1 teaspoon instant chicken bouillon granules
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 (3 oz.) can sliced mushrooms
1/4 cup(s) sliced pitted ripe olives (optional)
2 tbsp snipped parsley
1 tbsp all-purpose flour
2 cup(s) hot cooked noodles In a large skillet brown half of the pork in hot oil. Brown remaining pork with onion rings and garlic. Return all pork to skillet. Stir in undrained tomatoes
bouillon granules
and 1/8 teaspoon pepper. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer 45 minutes or until tender.
Skim fat
if necessary. Stir in mushrooms
if desired
and parsley. Combine flour and 1/4 cup(s) cold water; stir into pork mixture. Cook and stir until thickened and bubbly. Cook and stir for 1 minute more. Serve over noodles.

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