Fried bread with mitzithra cheese Recipe

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Type: Fried bread with mitzithra cheese Free Cooking Recipe – Greek


Ingredients / Directions

* 500 gr flour
* 1 sachet dried yeast
* 1 teaspoonn salt
* olive oil
* Warm water
* 250 gr soft salted mitzithra cheese (resembles ricotta cheese)
* Fresh or dried oregano
* Oil for frying Add the flour
the salt and the yeast in a bowl. Gradually add the water and work the mixture with your hands to become a soft and tight dough. Seperate the mixture in even portions and roll out each one. Place on the center of each filo sheet one spoon mitzithra cheese and some oregano. Fold the dough pieces carefully and shape them into balls. Carefully place them on a bench and roll them out again giving them a round shape of the size of a small plate.

Fry each filo in plenty of oil until they take a rosy colour. Serve them warm.

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