Charcoal Lamb Chops Recipe

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Type: Charcoal Lamb Chops Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

You got to try this!

Ingredients / Directions

* 1 kilo lamb chops
washed and drained
* salt and pepper
* ground cumin
* 2 cup(s)s olive oil
* 1 tbs. minced parsley
* 1 cup(s) lemon juice
* 2 minced garlic cloves Lay your chops out on a board. Sprinkle generously with the salt
pepper and cumin. Turn them over and sprinkle them again. Put them into a large bowl. Pour the oil and lemon juice over them and add the parsley and garlic. Toss it all together with your hands and arrange them so that they are sitting in the marinade. Cover tightly and marinade for a few hour(s) or overnight. Barbecue the chops over an open pit. You want the coals hot
but be careful that it”s not too intense and you burn the chops. You want to cook them slowly and serve them medium done. Lamb has a lot of fat and the oil of the marinade will drip into the coals as well
so watch out for flare-ups. Serve them sizzling hot with fresh lemons to squeeze over the meat. Susie”s note: For those of you that have a fireplace
these chops can be done right in there if you carefully arrange the wood coals. It”s also fun to do when you have company over
but again
be careful of flare-ups.

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