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Cooking receipe to make couscous info under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

couscous info

Couscous is a tiny round soft paleyellow grain made from durum wheat flour which constitutes the moroccan Tunisian and Algerian national dish. In all these countries couscous is served with combinations of meat poultry or fish with vegetables spices herbs and perhaps dried fruit and nuts.

Most of the couscous sold nowadays has been precooked so all one has to do is to reconstitute the grain in an amount of water (or stock) equal to its volume for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once the liquid has been absorbed run your fingers through the grain lifting it in the air and letting the grains tumble down to separate them and break up any lumps.

Apart from its use as the traditional accompaniment to meat poultry or fish tajines in North Africa couscous makes the basis for wonderful salads combined with fruit fresh herbs and other ingredients as in the Couscous and Peach Salad (qv) or it can be used for stuffings.

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