Lemon Vanilla Crepes Recipe

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Type: Lemon Vanilla Crepes Free Cooking Recipe – Dessert


Ingredients / Directions
Preparation – 15 minutes
Cooking time – 15 minutes

1/2 cup(s) all-purpose flour
1/4 cup(s) sugar
2 eggs
1 cup(s) milk
4 tbsp butter
vegetable oil
vanilla sugar or sugar
2 juicy lemons
cut into quarteres

Place the flour and sugar in a bowl. Crack in the eggs and gradually beat in the milk and butter to make a smooth
thin batter.
Heat about 1/2 teaspoon of oil in a crepe pan or small frying pan. Swirl in a thin coating of batter and cook until golden
flip over and cook the other side. Fold each pancake into halves or quarters and serve immediately with a sprinkling of sugar and splash of lemon juice.

Fill ”em Up:
Mix together a 8 oz carton of mascarpone with one tbsp of sifted powdered sugar (maybe a splash of orange or coffee liqueur). Ripple through three tbsp of ready-made chocolate sauce and spoon into warm pancakes before folding.
Place 2 cup(s)s frozen berries in a bowl and sprinkle over 2 tbsp of powdered sugar. Allow to thaw for a few hour(s)
then ripple in a 7 oz carton of creme fraiche.

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