African Chicken Wings Recipe

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Type: African Chicken Wings Free Cooking Recipe – Appetizers

This is a good one!

Ingredients / Directions
4 Garlic cloves
2 Shallots
1 1/2 ts Salt
1 tb Chinese 5 spice
2 ts Paprika
1 ts Dried rosemary — crumbled
1/2 ts Cayenne — or to taste
2 tb Vegetable oil
4 lb Chicken wings; about 20-24
Tips removed
1/3 c Natural style peanut butter
1/4 c Canned cream of coconut —
Well stirred
2 Garlic cloves — chopped
1/4 c Water
1/4 c Red bell pepper — chopped
1/8 ts Dried hot red pepper flakes
Or to taste
1 ts Soy sauce
Coriander sprigs — for
the WINGS: Prepare the chicken wings: Mince and mash the garlic and
shallots to a paste with the salt. In a large bowl stir the paste together
with the 5 spice powder
and the oil. Mix well.
Add the chicken wings. Toss and stir them until they are completely covered
with the marinade. Let them marinate
covered and chilled for 4 hour(s) or
over night. Arrange the wings
skin side up
on the rack of a foil lined
large broiler pan and bake them in the upper third of a preheated 425F oven
for 25 to 30 minutes or until they are golden. the wings may be prepared
one day in advance
kept covered and chilled and then reheated before
serving. the SAUCE: In a blender
blend together the peanut butter
of coconut
bell pepper
red pepper flakes and the soy sauce
until the mixture is smooth
season the sauce with salt
to taste. the
PRESENTATION: Transfer the sauce to a serving bowl set on a platter.
Arrange the wings around the bowl and garnish the platter with the

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