Udon – Japanese Noodles Recipe

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Type: Udon – Japanese Noodles Free Cooking Recipe – Japanese Foods


Ingredients / Directions
Noodle soup*: e.g. Ninben Tsuyu no moto
Kitsune Udon:
Naruto*: Fish sausage with a pink pattern when cut
Atsuage*: baked tofu. You can use the triangular atsuage bags that are used for Inari Sushi; but put them first in boiling water for a moment to reduce their strong taste a little bit.

Leek or green onion
Tanuki Udon:
Rests of Tenpura deep frying: Crispy pieces that are left from the last time you prepared tenpura. If not available
you can cut some leek
mix it with tenpura batter and deep fry it.

Leek or green onion
Tsukimi Udon:
One egg per person
Leek or green onion
Boil Udon and boil some water in another pan (about 400ml per person
depends on the size of the bowl in which you will serve the noudles).
Cut naruto (about 7mm thin) and leek/green onion.

Put Udon into sieve and rinse it with hot water.
Add noudle sauce into prepared hot water. Consult the bottle label about the proportion.With “Ninben Tsuyu no moto” sauce the proportion sauce-water is 1:8.
Put the hot Sauce into a bowl and add Udon into it. (Use one bowl per person)

Kitsune Udon
Decorate Udon with atsuage
cut leek and naruto.

Tanuki Udon
Put the deep fried pieces (Rests of Tenpura deep frying)
naruto and cut leek onto the noudles.

Tsukimi Udon
Put the york
cut leek and naruto

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