Halloween Popcorn Balls Recipe

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Type: Halloween Popcorn Balls Free Cooking Recipe – Halloween

It’s alright!

Ingredients / Directions
# one and a half pounds (675g) popped corn
# one tablespoon butter
# one quarter pint (150ml) water
# 10 oz. (275g) granulated sugar
# 10 oz. (275g) brown sugar
# 6oz. (175g) light corn syrup
# one teaspoon salt # Pour the water into a saucepan then add the granulated sugar
syrup and brown sugar
# Heat the mixture
stirring continuously
until the sugar is dissolved
# Blend in the butter and continue cooking without stirring until the mixture has reached a temperature of 240F (use a deep fat or sweet thermometer)
# Put the popped corn and into a fairly large mixing bowl and shake in the salt
# Pour the syrup mixture over the corn and mix well
# Cover your hands with a coating of butter or oil to prevent the syrup mixture sticking to your skin then shape the coated corn into small balls and wrap in wax paper

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