Broiled Pacific Salmon Filet Recipe

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Type: Broiled Pacific Salmon Filet Free Cooking Recipe – Western Foods

the best!

Ingredients / Directions
Your Fish Filets
Earp”s Western Steak and Dinner Sauce Rule of thumb at the Earp”s home… Never
never cook fish… Threaten it! Total broiling time for 1″ thick filets should be about 10 minutes. (ours is a gas broiler)
Preheat broiler. Pat dry salmon filets and cut into serving portions. Place onto a broiling try that has been coated with butter
skin side down. Drizzle additional butter over fish
salt and pepper if you wish.

Place under broiler for 5 minutes. Turn filets over and broil for an additional 3-4 minutes. Test with a fork for doneness. Just before fish is completely “threatened” brush on a coating of Earp”s sauce.

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