Astoria Salad
Revised Recipe

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Revised Recipe"] _______________________________________

Type: Astoria Salad
Revised Free Cooking Recipe – Salad

Not bad!

Ingredients / Directions
1 head of endive
A narrow strip of red pepper
? grapefruit
2 tablespoonfuls of olive oil
? an orange the juice of the fruit
2 halves of fresh or canned pear
? teaspoonful of salt
Paprika if desired
A narrow strip of green pepper To prepare this Astoria Salad
Revised Recipe
first remove the pulp from the grapefruit and orange without taking the membrane. Cut the pear in lengthwise slices. Cut the endive in halves
discard outer coarse leaves
wash with great care and wipe each leaf. Dispose the halves of endive on individual plates (these will resemble a spread fan)
set the slices of pear
one almost overlapping another
at the root end of the endive; back of these
in the same way
the sections of orange pulp
with the sections of grapefruit just above the tips of the leaves. To the juice add the olive oil and salt; beat together vigorously
pour over the salad and serve at once.

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