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Salmon Log Recipe

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Type: Salmon Log Free Cooking Recipe - Appetizers Um! Yummy! Ingredients / Directions 1 pound canned salmondrained8 ounces cream cheesesoftened1 tablespoon lemon juice2 teaspoons grated onion1 teaspoon horseradish1/4 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon liquid smoke3 tablespoons snipped parsley

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Cooking receipe to make crespoline under category Aga Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.crespoline8 dried pasta cannelloni tubes about 75g total weight salt and freshly ground black pepper tomato sauce7 tbsp oil 50g onion peeled and chopped 50g carrot peeled and ch

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Deep Fried Shrimp Balls Recipe

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Type: Deep Fried Shrimp Balls Free Cooking Recipe - Chinese Foods It's ok! Ingredients / Directions 1 lb Shrimpcleaned & deveined2 Bacon strips4 Water chestnuts-OR1/2 md OnionSaltPepper1 Eggbeaten2 tb Corn starchOil for deep frying Mince shrimpbacononion or water chestnuts together un

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Fruit Salad Recipe

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Type: Fruit Salad Free Cooking Recipe - Salad Unbelievable! Ingredients / Directions 1 (15-oz) can fruit cocktaildrained; save juice1 (15-oz) can pineapple tidbitsdrained; save juice1 small box vanilla instant pudding2 tbsp tang powder3 large bananas Put drained fruit in a medium size

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Type: egg pasta Free Cooking Recipe – Pasta


Ingredients / Directions

1 pound all-purpose flour
– eggs to the egg level for 1 pound flour (about 4? large eggs*) Place the flour in the bowl and lock the cover in place.
With the machine running
slowly pour in the eggs
as explained in the “General Procedure”.
Add more egg or flour as needed
letting the machine run for a minute after each addition.
When the dough is of the correct consistency
let the machine run until the dough is properly kneaded.
Total mixing time will be 6 to 7 minutes. Makes 1.3 pounds.

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