Yakitori – Skewered grilled chicken Recipe

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Type: Yakitori – Skewered grilled chicken Free Cooking Recipe – Japanese Foods

It’s alright!

Ingredients / Directions
Chicken thighs: without bone and skin
Japanese leek (negi*)
or green onion
Soya sauce
Mirin* or sake*
Honey or maple syrup
Small wooden spears

Mix together 4 tablespoons of soya sauce
3 tablespoons of sugar
a little bit of honey or maple syrup
a little bit of mirin and water
and heat it up until it”s homogenous.

Cut the chicken thighs into about 3x2x2cm large pieces.

Put the chicken pieces into the already prepared sauce
and let it stand for a while.

Cut the leek or green onions in about 3 cm long pieces.
Spear three or four pieces of chicken and some leek on each wooden stick.

Grill them
or use the oven at 200 degrees celsius. (You may want to wrap the wooden sticks with aluminium foil; otherwise
they may burn off.)

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