Greek Country Salad (Salata Horiatiki) Recipe

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Type: Greek Country Salad (Salata Horiatiki) Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

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Ingredients / Directions
# 4 tomatoes
# 2 medium sized cucumbers
peeled and thinly sliced
# 1 lettuce
finely cut
# 1 onion
thinly sliced
# 7oz. (200g) Feta cheese
# 1 green pepper
thinly sliced
# 2 tablespoons vinegar
# 4 tablespoons olive oil
# 5 oz. (150g) black olives
# 2 tablespoons caper
# salt
# oregano # Wash all the vegetables well
# Slice the tomatoes into thin wedges and place in a bowl
# Add the onion
green peppers
cucumbers and the caper
# Dress the salad with the olive oil
salt and vinegar
then mix gently
# Finally add the Feta cheese that has been broken into small chunks

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