Greek Christmas Bread Recipe

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Type: Greek Christmas Bread Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

You got to try this!

Ingredients / Directions

* 1 pk (or 1 tablespoon) Active Dry Yeast
* 1/4 cup(s) Warm Water (110 to 115 degrees)
* 1/3 cup(s) Sugar
* 1 tea spoon Ground Cardamom
* 1/4 tea spoon Salt
* 1 Egg
* 1/4 cup(s) Milk
* 1/4 cup(s) Vegetable Oil
* 1 1/2 cup(s) Whole Wheat Flour
* 1 cup(s) All-Purpose Flour
* 1/4 cup(s) Golden Raisins
* 1/4 cup(s) Walnuts
chopped Dissolve the yeast in the warm water. Combine the sugar
milk and oil in a large bowl. Mix well. Add the yeast mixture
raisins and nuts. Mix well. Add enough extra flour to make soft dough. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic
about 5 minutes. Shape into a round loaf.

Put the dough into a lightly-oiled 8-inch-round cake pan. Cover with a damp towel and let rise in a warm place until doubled in bulk
about 1 hour(s). Bake in a 350-degree oven 35 to 40 minutes
or until brown.

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