Eggplant salad dip Recipe

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Type: Eggplant salad dip Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

Not bad!

Ingredients / Directions

* 2-3 medium sized round eggplants
* Some parsley leaves
* 1/2 garlic clove
chopped (optional)
* Drops of grated onion (optional)
* Vinegar
* Oil
* Salt
* Pepper Place the eggplants in a thin pan and bake them in the grill or in kitchen”s fire. When they are baked on all sides and have started smelling like burned remove from heat and cool them. When they cool remove the outer skin and the burned surface. Remove most of the seeds and cut the eggplants in thin pieces. Place in a deep bowl
add parsley and optionaly the onion drops and the garlic clove. Gradually add one part of oil and one part of vinegar and stir the mixture continously. Stop adding oil and vinegar when you feel that the mixture is fine. Add salt and pepper for taste and preserve in the refridgerator. Serve cold as an appetizer.

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