citrus salad with dried cherries and apricots

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Cooking receipe to make citrus salad with dried cherries and apricots under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

citrus salad with dried cherries and apricots

1 cup dried cherries

1/2 cup diced dried apricots

1 cup fresh orange juice

2 navel oranges peeled and sectioned (qv)

1 blood orange peeled and sectioned (qv)

2 seedless mandarins or tangerines peeled and sectioned (qv)

1 grapefruit peeled and sectioned (qv)

1 bunch watercress stemmed


1/2 cup reserved soaking liquid (below) 2 tablespoons sugar

6 fresh mint leaves chopped

2 tablespoons canola oil

6 fresh mint leaves for garnish

In medium bowl soak cherries and apricots in orange juice for 1 hour or until soft.

Drain reserving 1/2 cup liquid.

In a large bowl combine cherries apricots oranges mandarins grapefruit and watercress.

In a small bowl whisk all dressing ingredients together.

Toss with fruit mixture and garnish with mint leaves.

Leave out the watercress and this colourful melange sparkles as winter dessert.

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