chocolate macadamia steamed pudding

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Cooking receipe to make chocolate macadamia steamed pudding under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

chocolate macadamia steamed pudding

sunday times cook book

175g selfraising flour

2 heaped tbsp cocoa powder

125g butter softened

125g golden caster sugar

2 large eggs

65g dark 55 to 65% cocoa solids chocolate chopped

75g unsalted macadamia nuts toasted and

chopped into large chunks

3 tablespoons milk

pouring cream or Greek yoghurt to serve

Sift the flour and cocoa together in a bowl.

In a separate bowl cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy then beat in the eggs one at a time adding a little of the flour mixture with the second egg.

Fold in the remaining flour mixture and combine gently but thoroughly. Fold in the chocolate and nuts with the milk.

Spoon the mixture into a buttered 1 litre pudding basin.

Cover with a double layer of buttered foil pleated in the centre to allow for rising.

Tie the foil with string then place in a steamer or in a large saucepan so hot water comes half way up the sides of the basin.

Steam for 1/2 to 2 hours topping up withhot water if necessary. Remove the foil loosen the edges of the pudding with a knife and carefully invert on to a serving plate.

Serve with cream or yoghurt.

This is everything you could wish for in a winter pudding the glorious puff of steam as it is inverted onto the serving dish then the satisfyingly firm yet soft texture. And finally there is chocolate.

Serves 6

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