Macapuno Pandan Roll Recipe

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Type: Macapuno Pandan Roll Free Cooking Recipe – Dessert

Simply good!

Ingredients / Directions
“5 pcs. eggyolk

1 t vanilla

1 t baking powder

? c pandan juice

1 ? c cakeflour

? c cream of tartar

1 c sugar

? c sugar

Macapuno (preserved) oil
food color
” Sift flour. Place in a bowl together with baking powder. Make a well at the center and add liquid ings. Blend until well distributed. Beat eggwhites until soft peaks are formed. Gradually add cream of tartar and sugar
beating well until very stiff but not dry. Add food color to the batter mixture. Fold batter mixture into beatened eggwhites and pour into oiled pan. Bake at 250o F for 20-25 mins. Invert in cheese cloth with sugar. Let it cool spreading filling and roll.

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