Macapuno Pandan Cake Recipe

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Type: Macapuno Pandan Cake Free Cooking Recipe – Cakes

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Ingredients / Directions
“1 t baking powder

6 pcs. eggyolk

1 c cake flour

? c sugar

? c pandan extract cold

? t vanilla

Filling :

1 small bottle macapuno

Beat :

6 pcs. eggwhite

? c sugar ” Pre-heat oven at 375o F. Prepare cake. Combine sifted flour
baking powder and sugar. Make a well at the center. Pour eggyolk
pandan extract and vanilla. Mix well. Beat eggwhites til foamy. Gradually add sugar beat till stiff peaks are form. Cut and fold in meringue into the batter mixture and blend well. Pour in utility tray lined with wax paper. Bake until done. When cool
place in pasting cloth. Sprinkle with sugar. Spread the filling into the cake evenly. When done roll the cake. Place in pastry cloth. Slice in 10 equal portion.

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