Self-rising Bread Recipe

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Type: Self-rising Bread Free Cooking Recipe – Bread

All good!

Ingredients / Directions
? cup(s) cornmeal
? cup(s) scalded milk
? teaspoon salt
2 cup(s)s milk and water
2? cup(s)s flour
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
Flour to make a stiff dough To prepare this Self-rising Bread Recipe
first scald the meal and salt with one-half cup(s) of milk
and let it stand in a warm place over night. In the morning
set the bowl in water
as warm as the hand can bear. During the whole process keep the bread at this temperature; when this is light
add it to the remainder of the scalded milk and water which has been allowed to cool. Add the butter
salt and flour
and beat this batter thoroughly. Set it in warm water again to rise; when light
add the flour to make a stiff dough
knead well
put in pans
and when risen again
bake for about 45 minutes

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