Barbecued Ribs with Rum Marinade Recipe

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Type: Barbecued Ribs with Rum Marinade Free Cooking Recipe – Barbecue

Um! Yummy!

Ingredients / Directions
4 lb spareribs
1 cup(s) brown sugar
1/2 cup(s) chili sauce
1/4 cup(s) ketchup
1/2 cup(s) dark rum
1/4 cup(s) soy sauce
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon dry mustard
2 garlic cloves,crushed
1/8 teaspoon pepper Cut ribs into bite sized pieces. Line roasting pan with a double thickness of aluminum foil. Place ribs in pan and seal ribs tightly in foil. Bake 1 hr. at 350F. Unwrap ribs and pour off drippings. Combine remaining ingredients to make a marinade and pour half of marinade over ribs.
Continue baking for 1 1/2 hrs. Lay ribs on barbecue 6 inches from heat. Barbecue for 15-20 mins. Baste ribs with remaining marinade several times while cooking.

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