Barbecue Hamburgers Recipe

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Type: Barbecue Hamburgers Free Cooking Recipe – Barbecue


Ingredients / Directions
# 12oz. (325g) minced beef
# 2 medium onions
peeled and roughly chopped
# 1 small egg
# half a pint (250ml) tomato ketchup
# quarter pint (125ml) pineapple juice
# 2 tbsp. cooking oil
# salt and pepper
# 4 soft rolls
split # Place the minced beef into a bowl
mix in one of the onions and season with salt and pepper
# Form the mixture into 4 flat round shapes
# Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the hamburgers for 10 minutes
turning once
# Pour the pineapple juice and ketchup into a pan then add the remaining onion and seasoning
# Bring to the boil
then simmer for about 20 minutes by when the sauce should have started to thicken
# Put the sauce in a jug to pour over the hamburgers
# Place one hamburger in each of the rolls and serve

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