crispy aromatic duck

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Cooking receipe to make crispy aromatic duck under category Aga Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

crispy aromatic duck

4 large duckling portions

1 iceberg lettuce

1/2 cucumber peeled and cut into thin batons

1 bunch of spring onions trimmed and finely shredded lengthways

plum sauce


3 tbsp dark soy sauce (the richer the better)

2 tbsp clear honey

3 tbspn chinese fivespice powder

50mm piece fresh ginger root grated

aga equipment:

small roasting tin high rack

Mix together the ingredients for the marinade squeezing the juice from the grated ginger into the mixture.

Rub the marinade all over the duckling then leave for 8 hours or overnight in a cool larder or loosely wrapped in the refrigerator.

Place the duckling on the high rack in the small roasting tin then pour about lcm of boiling water into the bottom of the tin.

Cover loosely with foil then cook on the floor of the roasting ovenfor 20 minutes.

Transfer the tin to the floor of the simmering ovenand cook for a further 3 to 3 1/2 hours until the meat is cooked through and tender then leave until cold.

You can prepare the duck in advance to this stage if you wish.

Carefully separate the lettuce leaves and wash them then allow them to drain on kitchen paper do not squeeze the leaves or break them as you want them to remain crispy.

Arrange in a serving dish.

Place the cucumber onions and plum sauce in separate little serving bowls.

Heat the empty roasting fin on the floor of the roasting ovenfor 5 minutes then add the duck and cook for 20 to 30 minutes until piping hot and crispyturn the duck over once and add a little oil to the tin but only if necessary.

Scrape the meat from the bones using a couple of forks then arrange the shreds on a warmed serving dish.

Allow your guests to assemble the duck themselves.

Spread a lettuce leaf with a little plum sauce then add cucumber and spring onions.

Top with some shreds of duck then roll the filling up in the lettuce to eat it. Dont forget the finger bowls.

Traditionally the duck is steamed before being deepfried but I think a slow steamy cook in the aga followed by a quick crisp on the floor of the roasting ovenworks just as well. Many supermarkets now sell duckling pancakes (usually in the chiller next to the duck) but I actually prefer to wrap the meat in lettuce leaves.

Serves 4

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