Barbeque Rice Recipe

Type: Barbeque Rice Free Cooking Recipe – Special Filipino Delicacies

This is a good one!

Ingredients / Directions
300 g. pork lomo
sliced into thin strips
3/4 cup(s) DEL MONTE Instant Marinade Pinoy BBQ
1/2 cup(s) cooked or frozen green peas
6 cup(s)s cooked rice
2 Tbsp. margarine
2 teaspoon. cornstarch

1 MARINATE pork slices in DEL MONTE Instant Marinade for 15 minutes. Drain. Dissolve cornstarch in marinade. Set aside.

2 SAUT? pork in margarine for 5 minutes or until cooked. Add peas and marinade mixture. Simmer until thick. Add rice and salt to taste. Cook for 2 minutes with continuous stirring.


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