Strawberry Shortcake

Sake Bloody Mary Japanese cooking recipe

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Ingredients 2 ounces gekkeikan sake 3 ounces tomato juice 1 dash Tabasco sauce 1 dash worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon lime juice salt and pepper 1 stalk celery Directions 1Pour all ingredients into a tall glass. 2Add ice. 3Stir with the stalk of celery.View related video clips[tubepress mod

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Minute Steak Parmesan Recipe

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Type: Minute Steak Parmesan Free Cooking Recipe - Meats No other! Ingredients / Directions 5 minute steaks1 beaten egg1 tablespoon waterDash of pepper1/4 cup(s) soda cracker crumbs1 (8 ounce) can pizza sauce1/4 cup(s) grated Parmesan cheese1/4 cup(s) vegetable oil Dip steaks in combin

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courgette and mint frittata

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Cooking receipe to make courgette and mint frittata under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.courgette and mint frittata 2 tbsp olive oil I onion pealed and choppedlkg courgettes trimmed 6 medium freerange eggs 3 tbsp fresh mint chopped 50g grated c

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Dhalca Chicken Curry

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Cooking receipe to make Dhalca Chicken Curry under category Cyber Kuali. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.Dhalca Chicken CurryBy Amy Beh

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Cooking receipe to make Strawberry Shortcake under category Drink Master. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

1 oz Amaretto

3/4 oz Creme de Cacao (white)

3 oz Strawberries in Syrup

5 oz Vanilla Ice Cream

Blend ingredients until smooth. Serve in over-sized red-wine glass topped

with whipped cream and garnished with a fresh strawberry.

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